How to check smartphone back is metal or plastic?

 After deleting a few details, all the phones look like. It's a rectangle designed to fit (almost) a human hand and screen, and you can click and click on what is shown or click and click to find something else. You can talk to them too.

How to check smartphone back is metal or plastic?
Metal or Plastic

How to check smartphone back is glass or plastic?

First, you should know about the characteristics of glass and metal to know about them in detail.

Metal body

Many cell phones use metal or synthetic metal bands made of plastic bezels, but many cell phones are also metal. In general, this means that some aluminum alloys are very light and thin, as ordinary people prefer light and thin.
How to check smartphone back is metal or plastic?
Galaxy S7 Metal body

Specifications of the metal body:

  1. Premium look with shining metal.
  2. Look and feel are different.
  3. Popularity for simple and premium phone back is fulfilled by the metal body.
  4. Heat transfer can be felt.

Plastic body

Plastics come in many shapes, colors, and sizes. Artificial materials have this advantage. This means that plastic can also have various finishes, and if made from plastic, the phone will feel drab, even lush. Plastic is also cheap and very practical. In other words, curves and design elements can be used with plastics where no other material can be used.
How to check smartphone back is metal or plastic?
Moto E5 plastic body

Specifications of the plastic body:

  1. Cost-effective and easy to manufacture.
  2. Strong and durable.
  3. It can come in various colors.
  4. Various waves can pass through plastic.

Finally, let's talk about how to differentiate smartphones back is metal or plastic:

How to identify the metal body on a smartphone

  • Touch sound- When you tab on the back of the metal body, you can feel the sound produced by metal which can't be produced by the plastic body.
  • Heat transfer- Heat flow in metal is higher than any material and can be felt easily in winters and summers.
  • They look shiny and premium.
  • The grip and feel of metal are hard and can be felt by grasping in hands.

How to identify the plastic body on a smartphone

  • Their colors are bright and bold- which makes them different from the metal body.
  • Slippery surface- Plastic bodies usually feel slippery, especially in summers.
  • Easy to handle as compared to metal body phones.
  • Light and durable plastic phone on top of an oily glass sandwich that makes your pocket heavy.

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