Top 5 popular Punjabi singers in 2020 (Male/Female)

 The Punjabi music industry is increasing day by day and new singers are emerging in front of the public. In this industry many legends are there to immerse us with their intensive lyrics and to power, up to their lyrics, there are also great music producers which do their work great to enhance the music.

Top 5 popular Punjabi singers in  2020
Top 5 popular Punjabi singers in  2020

now, look at the list which is aligned according to the popularity of the singers between their fans.

NOTE>>>list is not my personal opinion, I have researched it from various websites and according to their social media interactions.

1.Sidhu Moosewala

popular Punjabi singers in  2020
Sidhu Moose Wala
Sidhu Moosewala is a Punjabi singer/rapper/lyricist and he also worked in Punjabi films. He is one of the talented guys who make his image in just 2 and half years after his song (So high) with Humble music give him success. Also, he is the only Punjabi singer who collabs with Mist.

Genres: Hip Hop; gangsta rap; Punjabi 

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2.Guru Randhawa

popular Punjabi singers
Guru Randhawa
Guru Randhawa is a Punjabi singer/lyricist/music composer/music producer and his songs are being used in Bollywood. He is also jumping in the Bollywood music industry with his great talent. his first debut song his (Same girl) with Arjun.

Genres: Bhangra; Indi- pop

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popular Punjabi singers in  2020
Diljit Dosanjh
Daljit Dosanjh is a Punjabi singer/actor/TV presenter and he also shining in Bollywood films. He is such a talented guy that he even receives the best debut actor in 2016 for his movie Udta Punjab. His latest album got trending in Canada's top 20 song list.

Genres: Bhangra; Indi- pop

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4.Karan Aujla

popular Punjabi singers in  2020
Karan Aujlag 

Karan Aujla is a Punjabi singer/lyricist/rapper and he gave us very great songs. His first debut song is "property of Punjab". he started his career as a songwriter but when started singing his own songs, he gets tremendous popularity, and now he is one of famous Punjabi singer.

Genres: Hip Hop; gangsta rap; Punjabi 

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5.Nimrat Khaira

Top 5 popular Punjabi singers in  2020
Nimrat Khaira

Nimrat Khaira is a Punjabi singer, actress, playback singer. she is known for her sweet vocals and amazing acting in music videos. she is the winner of Voice of Punjab season 3. she gained popularity after her song "Ishq Kacheri".now she becomes the role model for many girls in Punjab.

Genres: Bhangra; Love songs; Indi-pop

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