Android Security tips 2020

Nowadays, every second person has a smartphone, especially android phones. so there should be a lot of security measures that we can do to make our privacy on phone from any attack.
Android Security
Android Security
Here down I listed out some example of an android attack that you should aware of>>>>
1.untrusted apps
3.Fake emails
5.using adult website

To protect yourself from these attack you should take care of some tips that I listed below>>
And I recommend you do not click on any fake Whatsapp link which seems like assuring you some kind of rewards.
  • Do not root your phone.
  • Do not download applications from untrusted third-party sources.
  • Do not click on suspicious emails.
  • Do not open suspicious SMS.
  • Use strong passwords/patterns.
  • Use Device administration API to set up a password policy, remote wipe, etc.
  • Do not store passwords on the phone.
  • Update the operating system regularly
  • Use strong anti-virus.

To protect yourself I recommend you some tips you should follow>>>

1.always use VPN to serve adult website not allow any unauthorized app for all instead of this you can allow for once 

3.always use chrome which is much better than other

4.use play store apps

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