Tips for Making a Good and Safe Password

In general, a password is used by someone to access an account. Even social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others ask for a password to be able to access their services. A password is a confidentiality that is used for privacy purposes to access a service. In this case, we may not give such access to many people because the account that we use will be misused by people who are not responsible. With a very good password for security, it will prevent you from attack Brute-force attack which is an attack technique against a computer security system that uses an experiment against all possible keys.
In this guide we will discuss how to make a good and safe password:

Tips for Making a Good and Safe Password, safe password
Safe password

1.Above Eight Characters

The longer a password is used, the better the difficulty and security you will get. This will certainly make it harder for hackers to hack into our account to be able to get a password easily. A long password character makes it difficult for brute force attack techniques to search for passwords that we use because of the long characters.

2.combination of upper and lower case letters

This is certainly perfect considering people are not aware if we use capital letters when entering a password. It is recommended that there are some capital letters that you use in your password.

3.Number Combination

This will prevent you from brute-force attacks because a combination of numbers will make it harder for irresponsible people to access your website.

4. Don't Use Your Identity or Related Information
Tips for Making a Good and Safe Password, Safe password
Safe password

This often happens, there are still many users who use passwords with date of birth, name of birth city and others. This is certainly very vulnerable considering the internet itself can easily get personal information.

5.Symbol Combination

You can also use symbols on your password. This symbol is the most difficult to guess for crackers, and if you use just one symbol then the password strength level will be at a high level. Many developers also use symbols in their passwords for security reasons.

Create a Strong Password

Making a strong password will make it difficult for criminals to enter your email. Password by combining numbers, symbols, words that are not easily guessed, word length, upper and lower case letters. Examples of passwords that are not easy to guess.


Weak Password = tutorialidch00

Strong password = 7uT0r!@ L11)cH

So I hope this will help you a lot in protecting your account from being hacked.


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