5 Android features that 99% user not know

Generally, Android smartphone users need to install the game application from the Play Store before they can play the game on their smartphone. But most of these games rely on an internet connection to play, so you will run out of entertainment when there is no internet. But did you know if Google embeds free secret games that can be played in the absence of internet on every version of Android?

Android secret features
Android features

Now, let's talk about 5 android features in random order

1.Secret Games

Android secret features, secret android games
Secret games

This secret Google game is similar to Flappy Bird where you have to tap the smartphone screen to make the Android icon jump over the existing obstacles. To access this secret game is very easy and can be an entertainer when bored. The trick is just to go to Settings> About phone then press the Android version repeatedly. The game will automatically appear on the screen of your smartphone and to stop playing, just press the home button.

2.Assistant like iPhone 

If your iPhone has Siri, Google also has a virtual assistant for Android! It's called the Google Assistant that will help you with various things. Starting from unlocking a smartphone, helping to find information on making calls and so on just by saying the words 'OK Google'.
Google Assistant
Google Assistant

To enjoy this feature you must activate it first! The trick, just press the Home button for a while. A short introduction will appear about Google Assistant, click Next later. You will be told to say OK Google 3 times to be stored on the smartphone device as a voice database so that your smartphone can hear your voice. And if this feature is active, you can do many commands, including even when the smartphone is locked.

3.Full security like apple

To keep the smartphone's security opened by unauthorized people, users usually always give a key in the form of pins or patterns. This feature is Smart Lock which can be activated on all Android smartphones.
Smart lock
Smart Lock
To activate this feature, you need to open the Settings menu> Security> Smart Lock. Once active, you can set Smart Lock to unlock your smartphone every time you get home when you hear your voice or even when it is connected with other devices that have been previously set.

4.Magnification Glass
Magnification feature in android
Magnification in android

Did you know if each Android is equipped with a secret magnifying glass? This secret Android setting allows you to zoom in on images, text, Android, and applications that don't have even zoom features. To activate the secret Android settings you can enter the Settings menu> Accessibility then activate the "on" magnification feature. After being active, every time you tap the screen 3 times wherever or in any application will make the screen become a maximum zoom and to exit this display simply tap the screen again 3 times. This setting is similar to the pinch facility for zooming in, but the difference can be used in all applications without exception.

5.Android Secret Settings Shortcut

Android Secret Settings Shortcut
Android secret codes

Keep with your own smartphone? Want to know more about information about your smartphone calm? Many shortcuts can display important information about your Android smartphone. The method is very easy, just enter the phone call menu then type this code * # * # 4636 # * # * and you will immediately be taken to the Testing window where you can know information about the smartphone which includes the I M E I number, location and so on. There are also battery information, usage statistics, and W i-F I information options.

How? Have you ever tried the secret feature above? By maximizing smartphone settings, your Android smartphone will not be more sophisticated with a premium smartphone that has many cool features. Keep up with the Games News to know more about tips & tricks about Android smartphones and I Phones. There are also the latest game news updates, reviews and news about gadgets.

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